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1Password for Windows

I have been a long time user of 1Password and I can't picture my daily routine without it. It has been an invaluable tool to manage my passwords and as a bonus I can keep my software license keys in 1Password so I can stop trying to keeping track of emails or text files with my keys. Everything is nice and organized and can be easily backed up so I don't lose a thing should my MacBook Pro ever take a dive.

My problem was that I use Windows 7 at work and since I used 1Password to generate all of my strong passwords it was tedious and frustrating to have to try and type those in by hand. At one point I ended up changing my passwords to something that I could actually type and remember. Eventually, I tried out the encrypted book mark solution that would at least allow me to copy and paste my passwords and I even considered maybe switching to one of the many web-based password managers so that I could have a solution that worked on both my Mac and Windows machines. Then Agile Web Solutions came to my rescue with a beta version of 1Password for Windows.

I was anxious to get started and immediately downloaded and installed the application to one of my VMware Windows installations to test it out. I was overjoyed that I was able to use the same file that my mac version used, making sharing my password between computers a cinch with the help of a DropBox account. Big Win!

1Password for Windows

I do have a few issues with the interface of the windows version. For one, the interface isn't as beautiful as the Mac version and the way the search functionality works is a bit awkward in its presentation. I also have not been able to figure out how to select a login for a site that has multiple logins with out using my mouse. I can get the popup to select a username using a hot key but then I have to use my mouse to click the drop down and make a selection.

Overall, my complaints are minor and I have only had the application installed for a little over week. I have already seen at least two updates since installing, which has been really encouraging. I think over time the Windows version will be just as strong and elegant as the Mac version and I definitely recommend giving it a try.