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Dreamforce 2010

It's conference time!

Sunday morning I am heading out to the Dreamforce conference. Looking forward to the event. I have gone the last two years and it has been fun, informative, and at times exhausting. I look forward to experiencing the event this year as a customer as opposed to a consultant. When you have the consultant badge some of the vendors tend to look over you so we will see if the experience changes with a customer badge. :)

For those who might be attending for the first time my advice would be to be cautious about who scans your badge. There are going to be people everywhere looking to scan you in to their marketing machine and so if you want to avoid a lot of spam only let someone scan you if you really are interested; make them work for it.

Also, beware of some of the vendor tactics like free stuff and prizes. What stands out most for me about last years strategy were the, should I say, tightly dressed girls walking around looking to scan badges and guide you towards the guys who sign their paychecks. Sorry, they really aren't that in to you...they just want to scan you.

I will be blogging about my experience throughout the event and hope to provide insight and offer my take on any new platform announcements.